20+ Wiz Khalifa Hairstyles – Braids – Dreadlocks

It’s hard for me to not follow the celebrity I love. And this thought lends attribution to our adoration with Wiz Khalifa. Cameron Jibril Thomaz or simply Wiz Khalifa is more than a just singer and actor. Wiz Khalifa’s fashion trend is the famous one in America, and worldwide. He is a maverick and movement. And Wiz Khalifa hairstyle is based on dreadlock. Mostly he used to style his hair in dreadlock style. And it boosts his personality. Regardless of the size of the hair, everyone can style his/her hair in dreadlock style with short and long hair both just like Wiz Khalifa dreads are on trending nowadays.

Wiz Khalifa braids are not much different then his dreadlocks they are similar. And braid hairstyle is not for guys with long and shoulder length hair only. Those who carry short hair or someone with topknot can style his hair in braids hairstyle. Wiz Khalifa haircutIf you want a haircut like Wiz Khalifa haircut, make sure you go to a licensed and experienced barber.

Wiz Khalifa short hair helps him to style braids and dreadlocks easily. But besides of all of these things, for best results and healthy hair keep them clean, give them a wash once a day. Here we listed some trending Wiz Khalifa dreads hairstyles.

Wiz Khalifa’s dreadlock hairstyle

Wiz Khalifa with a simple and elegant dreadlock hairstyle. Brown hair of Wiz Kalifa always make him more attractive and happy. One must try this if you follow Wiz Khalifa’s trending hairstyles.

wiz khalifa braids

Wiz Khalifa Dreads With Long Hair

After last year’s all-white Bone & Rag look, Wiz and his stylist, Lauren Matos, joined the annual ball of the museum, having a great look with a black-tie tuxedo and wiz Khalifa dreadlock hairstyle.

wiz khalifa dreadlocks

Wiz Khalifa Ponytail Hairstyle

Smocking has always been a value-added factor in your personality. And Wiz Khalifa never misses the smock to be more messy and elegant look. Wiz Khalifa Hair has always been a positive ingredient in his personality. Many times wiz used to style his hair with a ponytail which makes him energetic and sexy.

wiz khalifa ponytail hairstyle

Wiz Khalifa Haircut with purple hair

Wiz Khalifa shocked his fans with his new hairstyle with purple hair color. Wiz Khalifa has a new ‘do. Like, really different. The rapper took his hair from dark to light to purple and–lucky for us! That’s why some people are crazy about Wiz Khalifa purple hair. This Wiz Khalifa haircut carries a legendary look with his purple hair.

wiz khalifa purple hair

Here is how wiz Khalifa style his hair, when he gets ready for his live convert in real world. This is a short clip of Wiz Khalifa at time of Fast and Furious 7 song shooting. Wiz gave his best in this song and people loved the song and his hairstyle as well.


In above video, Wiz Khalifa is getting ready, and one of his hair stylists is cutting his hair and fixing a new and elegant look. Wiz Khalifa hairstyle In order to watch more visit hairstyles for men and hairstyles for girls.




Asad Zaman: Content writer and publisher.