The Best 20+ Nurse Hairstyles Ideas

There are plenty of work, nurses have to worry about. And hairstyle should not be on this list. As a nurse, we always try to keep ourselves professional and looking presentable. People judge the way you look and our character is evaluated by the hairstyle we make. So as a nurse we should find the best and cute nurse hairstyles that boost our personality and fit us best.

With above things in mind, we listed some of latest, cute and easy hairstyles for nurses. Remember to choose the hairstyle that suits you and your personality. Never copy someone else’s style. Be your own and style that suits you best. Here are top 5 best nurse haircut.

1-Easy Back Ponytail

cute nurse hairstylesThis is one of easy nurse hairstyles. If you have long hair you must give a try to this hairstyle. Its very simple to style your hair in this way.
Dry your hair. Now in order to make a smooth end-back base, pull your hair away from the face with the help of a hairbrush. Now from the back side pull your hair for a centered ponytail.
Here is a key to keeping your ponytail strong, use a rubber band that will keep it tight. And if possible use two rubber bands that will give you more satisfaction during your shift.


Every girl knows that how famous topknot hairstyle is. And best of all, it gives your double benefit, a great working hairstyle as a nursing job and trending hairstyle of the time. For more user-friendly and perky with your patients, you can lose some of the hair strands out of your face.

best nurse hairstyles

3-Flipped Ponytail

easy nurse hairstylesIf you have a busy day in the hospital with your patient or maybe there is an emergency in the town and you have a lot of work and don’t have time to fix a fancy hairstyle as regularly. Then Flipped Ponytail hairstyle is the best option for you.

Tie your hair just like a ponytail style using an elastic band but keep it little loose. Divide hair in two parts above the elastic band. From the end of ponytail insert these hair between two divided parts in such a way that it looks like flipped ponytail hairstyle.

4 Quick Twist

Once again if you are going on a busy day shift, and don’t have enough time to fix a fancy hairstyle, then the quick twist is the best option for you.
Pull your hair backward and then divide them into two equal parts. Now start twisting one part. Use some body pins and pick it up by revising same with the remaining half of the part.

Quick nurse hairstyles

5-The French Bun

To get a sexy and messy hairstyle try to keep things little imperfect and loose. Give a try to soft updo to make your hair prominent. For this French Bun is the best option for you.
Start with dry hair, with both of your hands, gather your hair on back top of your head just like in ponytail case. For more with this video.

Whatever style you choose, here are a few tips that will help to wear it well. Keep your hair clean by washing them regularly to avoid drying out the scalp. These are some of the best nurse hairstyles. Give a try to all of these hairstyles one by one and chose the one that suits your personality. Visit for more cute girls hairstyles.




Asad Zaman: Content writer and publisher.