20+ Robert Downey Jr Hairstyles

Regardless your interest in movies, you must have listened the movie name iron man. Yes, this is the movie which listed Robert Downey Jr in top highly paid actors in Hollywood in the year 2014 to 2015 in Forbes. Robert Downey is a Hollywood actor and singer. He is more than an actor in the industry. People follow his fashion trends. Robert Downey Jr hairstyles are famous nowadays. Robert Downey Jr has been in the movies for 70% of his current total life. Through the Hollywood years of Robert Downey’s life, he inspired his fans with his tremendous acting and lifestyle as well. His fans follow the dresses he wears and style he fixes.

Robert Downey started his acting career in early age, He started working in movies since the age of 5-years. His father was also an actor. And the very 1st movie that Robert Downey did was his father’s movie. He played the role of Charlie Chaplin in a move and in 1992 he got the best-supporting-actor award for this.

Robert Downey worked in a movie series on drug problems that gave him a lot of Fame until 2001. And from 2001 to 2007 Robert Downey played many supporting roles in movies and finally after 2007 Robert Downey was cast in movie Iron Man as Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr Hairstyle

Robert Downey Jr Haircut

Robert Downey keeps changing his hairstyle throughout the years. He made many photos shoots with different hairstyles, sometimes with short hair and a hat on head, and sometimes with long hair. Robert Downey Jr haircut are famous among his fans. Mostly Robert Downey used to style his hair with short hair. And I think short hair suits down Robert Downey’s personality. You must have analyzed that in most of the movies Robert Downey has short length hair. In addition, when he style his beard too with short length hair it makes him cool and dominant personality.

robert downey jr haircut

Robert Downey Hairstyle with Glasses

Robert Downey Jr hairstyles have always been a standard in the fashion industry. Most of the people know assume his as Tony Stark instead of Robert Downey. This is due to fame in Iron Man series. Robert Downey played the role of lead hero in Iron Man series named as Tony Stark. In this Robert Downey hairstyle, he has short sides and somehow long hair in the center and a light beard.

Robert Downey jr hair

Short Sides with Light Beard

Still, Robert Downey has short length hair these days. But now he styles his hair in different ways. Now he uses jagged cur on top and tapered sides to fix his hair. If you want to run your fingers through your hair then this is the style that is the option for you.

robert downey jr hairstyle

Tony Stark Hairstyle

Robert Downey Jr is also known as Tony Stark. So Tony Stark hairstyle plus thin beard and stunning glasses. This look makes him cool and perfect. Some people think that short hair cannot style properly. In this photo Robert Downey carries short sides and longer hair in the center as compared to sides.

Robert Downey jr haircustyle

Robert Downey Haircut in “The Judge”

Robert Downey did a movie  “The Judge” In 2014 in Toronto International Film Festival at Roy Thomson Hall  Robert Downey Jr. and producer Susan Downey attended a gala premiere for the movie “The Judge” Here is one photo of that moment with an elegant Robert Downey Haircut.

Robert Downey haircut

Iron Man Haircut

Robert Downey’s fans will remember the name Iron Man for their rest of life. Iron man had a great time in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr is the best known for his role in Iron Man as Tony Stark. He played the lead role in this movie series. Iron Man haircut is very simple and clean. In Iron Man, he used to style his hair in a clean way with a brown beard.

tony stark hairstyles

After looking these photos you will find that how Robert Downey can change his hair look at any time. You will definitely have a new appreciation for the way he styles his hair. Of course, this is not the end. In order to get more ideas about hairstyles visit best hairstyles for men and young teenage boys haircuts.




Asad Zaman: Content writer and publisher.